Friends I want to tell you  that role of pan card in  bank  in this post .Most of us have a PAN card. Those who do not have these cards, usually those people can be seen easily by using a broker or by making them by private banks. But if people ask what is the PAN card then? What are its advantages? So its information is not good for the good. Let us tell you what happens, PAN card ie Permanent Account Number  or Permanent Account Number is an alphanumeric number of ten digits, which is issued by the Income Tax Department as a laminated card. The number written in this format- ANRPJ6766G on card is called PAN number.


role of pan card in  bank


Who should have a pan card ?

  1. All current assessee or taxpayer or person who needs to submit income tax returns, should also receive PAN from others.
  2. Any person, who has the intention of any financial transaction, where it is compulsory to quote the PAN, must obtain the PAN.
  3. The evaluation officer can either allot a pan to a person on their own or on special request.
  4. People believe that when they come under the purview of Income Tax, only then they will be able to make PAN cards, it is absolutely wrong. Even if you do nothing, you can still make a pancard. 5. Homes should also have a PAN card. If ever they want to start a business suddenly, do not have to wait for a PAN can visit at this website pan card

Benefits of Pan Card

  1. This card prevents all kinds of disturbances or problems in income tax.
  2. You can present this card as ID proof in any government or private institution. The card issued by the Indian Government is valid everywhere. From government offices to corporate offices and bus to train.
  3. Not only full time, but also in the part time job, your payment becomes easier by presenting a PAN card.
  4. If you work somewhere on a part time basis or temporarily, by submitting PAN card, you can claim your TDS at the end of the financial year. you can benefits of pan card  for benefits of pan number

This  knowledge that role of pan card in bank and benefits of pan card in India will be useful for you.

You can check E aadhaar card status online also.






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