Friends  learn SEO (search engine optimization) here in the post . SEO is the work of Optimizing the Website for Search Engines. SEO is a technique, so that we can do all this.

  • Design and Develop a Website so that it has a good rank in Search Engine Results.

Improve Quality and Volume of Traffic on Search Engines website.

  • Understand how Algorithms work and what logs you can search and marketing on this base.


SEO is a Subset of Search Engine Marketing. SEO means we also have copyrighting, because Maximum Techniques use Text to promote Sites on Search Engines.

If you want to learn Basic SEO, then you need to understand how Search Engines Work works.


How Does SEO Works?

Search Engines perform many activities so that they can deliver search results.

Crawling – Fetch (collect) as many pages on a website are called “Crawling”. This work does a software called Crawler or Spider (Googlebot, In Case Of Google).

Indexing – Process to create an index of all Webpages and store it as a database is called “Indexing”. Indexing is the main function

It is possible to use such words and expressions that can be described in Page best way.

Processing – When a Search request arrives, and Search Engine finds it in its database, this process is called “processing”.

Relevancy Calculating – Every single Page has a String that calculates how many times the page has been searched and displays its Relevancy Search Engines.

Displaying Results – This is Last Step of Search Engine Activities. The Best Result of Searchable Keywords is shown in it. Basically, these results are the process of displaying in the browser.

Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo! Replace your Relevancy Algorithm many times in every month. When you see Change in your Rankings, this is due to the Algorithmic Shift, which is outside of your control.

Normally all Search Engines have Basic Principal Same, but only a few of them are in Relevancy Algorithms, which results in a huge change in results.


What Is SEO Rank?

Whenever you search any Word Search on Search Engine, you get thousands of results. Ranked according to the tendency of the searched words. Those sites that are in the top of your results, they show their rank, that is, the rank of 1st of the first site is 1st and Ranking will grow as you move forward.

learn seo technique for ranking factor



SEO is a process that lets Websites get High Rank in Search Engine Results with Help from Designing and Developing.

What is On-Site, On-Page and Off-Page SEO?

There are 3 ways of Normally Search Engine Optimization:

  •  On-Site SEO – This comes with the Crawling and Indexing Part of your Blog, what type of site SEO Spider will you see and your website’s Internal SEO Structure can be done on-site SEO.
  •  On-Page SEO – Have Good Content, Use Good Keywords, Use Keyword in the right place, giving title to every page correctly, Etc. it here
  •  Off-Page SEO – Link Building, Link Popularity Increasing, Submiting Open Directories, Search Engines, Link Exchange, Etc. it here

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

There are two categories of SEO techniques:

White Hat – Techniques that believe in Search Engines Good Design and approve.

Black Hat – Techniques that do not approve Search Engines and also reduce effects. They are also called spam dexing.

White Hat

white hat SEO if it has these features:

  • It follows the Guidelines for Search Engine.
  • There is no type of deception in it.
  • It is Engaged in Search Engine Indexes, and Helpful for User.
  • Ensure that the content of the Webpage is for users, not just for search engines.
  • Ensure the good quality of these Web pages.
  • Ensure the Availability of Useful Contents in these Web Pages.

Always follow a white hat SEO tactic and do not try to fool your Site visitors. Be honest and you will definitely get success.

Black Hat or Spam dexing

Black Hat or Spam dexing if it has these features:

  • Trying to get Rank Improvements that have not been approved by Search Engines.
  • Redirect users from one page to another, which is not Human Friendly for Search Engines.
  • Redirecting users to a page which is different from Us Page which was ranked by Search Engine. One version of a page should be served by Search Engine Spiders / Bots and the second version Human Visitors. This is called Cloaking Search Engine Optimization Tactic.
  • Use hidden or invisible text in the background color of the page, using the Tiny Font Size and hiding it inside the HTML code.
  • Repeat the same keyword in Meta Tags multiple times, and use such keywords which are not related to Website Contents. This is called Meta Tag Stuffing.

Try to increase the Keyword Count, Variety, and Density of Page incorrectly. This is called Keyword Stuffing.

  • Creating Low-Quality Web Pages which have very few content and Same Keywords have been repeated. In Pages is called Doorway Or Gateway Pages.
  • Hosting Multiple Websites with Help from Mirror Websites – There are Similar Content But Different URLs have been used.

Use Rough Copy of any popular site and use it as your site. This is called Page Hijacking.

I hope this seo  (search engine optimization)  will be useful for you. Thanks


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